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We are having problems with water leakage on the south side of our log home. When there’s rain and wind, the water comes in every single hair line crack (and there are bazillions of hair line cracks). We’ve rechinked the inside and outside and run calk and chinking in every crack we can get to, but no avail. Is there any spray on product that can coat the entire side of the house, fill every crack, and still preserve the log look?

You may have a leak elsewhere allowing the water to run down the length of the logs before it enters the interior. Is the caulk on the exterior in good shape? Are the logs drilled full of holes from Powder Post Beetles?I am not aware of a product that would cover your logs this way, nor do you want to seal them up that tight. It will cause log rot from the logs not being able to ”breath”. You want to avoid filling all of these little checks in the logs or you will have major problems in a few years with rotten logs.

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