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We have built a log home in 2001 and had to have it refinished because the first finish peeled off. The people we hired to restain in globbed the stain on and it turned black with mold. We just finished cleaning it off exactly as the manufacturing recommended and we have the mold back again on the surface – it hasn’t even been a month and it’s covered again. it comes off easily with the TSP /pool chlorine solution they recommend but why is it reoccuring??? We followed the instructions to th

If the house wash power washed before the staining, itcould be causing some of the problem. Also, if you have a lot of shade that is not allowing the house to dry off from rain and morning dew,thatcould be helping cause it. You may wantto consider taking some trees down or removing shrubs if this may be the problem. You may have to increase your bleach solution, but be careful not to overdo it.1 to 2 cups per five gallons of water is plenty.

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