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I have an old log cabin that has been painted multiple times. I have seen some cabins in the area that have an artificial stain per say. The exterior was apparently painted a light beige color similiar to the wood and then somehow they stained over it to make it look like real wood stain. I would like to achieve this look without having to strip all the paint layers etc… Are you familiar with this method or have you seen it before ?… Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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I am familiar with this material. The problem is that it does not allow the wood to breath as it should and cause major log rot down the road. The best way to treat the wood is to strip it and put the proper stain on. Also, never fill all of the checks (cracks) in the logs unless it is a major one facing up and/or running into a window or doorjamb. This is the logs way to breath also. If you do fill a check be sure to inspect it at least twice a year for any breaks in the caulk. If water starts getting behind it and cannot dry out fast enough, it will cause rot.

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