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I am finding a lot of great content on this website. Thank you! My question is this. How do I keep my logs from rotting in the future?

Steve, thanks for the compliment! We created this site to inform and help!

I’m telling you, a book could be written about this subject (and I think I should do that). I will cover some of the basic things right here:

1) Build the over hangs a minimum of 30 inches, or extend existing ones if theyre too short.

2) Rain gutters are a must; a dry log is a happy log!

3) Spray a borate on the raw logs!

4) Keep a quality stain and chinking/caulking on the home with regular maintenance updates!

5) Keep your shrubs away from the log home!

Applying these basics tips will ensure your wonderful log home will be around for generations to come!

The Log Doctor.

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