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Our SW Oklahoma log cabin, built in the ’80’s, wooded area, near lake, is being attacked by a flying, wasp-like black winged insect. It bores a perfectly circular hole, leaving sawdust below the hole. The hole, between 1/4 and 1/2 inches, looks like a drill was used. This past year we’ve noticed about 5 holes. My husband sprayed wasp and hornet killer into the most recent hole and the ‘thing?’ was in there. It poked its head out and then backed up. If the chemical didn’t kill it, surely it

They are carpenter bees and are very hard to control. Here is a link to a dusting ball and the powder to put in the holes.

You will want to leave them open for a few days after dusting to allow the bees to come in and out to carry the dust to the nest. Then plug them with a dowel or latex caulk. Never use silicone on a log home.

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