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I have a white cedar log home built in 1988 located in north eastern Pennsylvania. This is my first log home and I’m running into carpenter bee issues. The home is due for a new stain which I understand will solve my bee issue. My plan is to spray the holes with wd40, place aluminium foil inside hole, plug hole and apply wood paste. I understand there is a pesticide called bee gone I can mix with the stain. Am I on the right track? If applying the same color and brand stain do I need to remove

You can do all of this, but I would recommend using a dusting ball with a insecticide for bees instead of the WD40. Unfortunately the new stain will not stop them only deter them for a short time and they will start drilling again. I have used the ”bee gone” material before but not sure it really worked that well. You must also be careful because it is not compatible with some stains. Carpenter Bees are one of the hardest bugs to keep out of a log home. Once they find it they are relentless.

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