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Thinking of bidding on log home. Power washed, stained and chinked about 5 years ago. Seller said some areas may need clear coat applied to keep water out as it is wearing off. Cost of maintenance may be issue in future. Any average costs involved in maintaining you can estimate? The amount of work & $$$ involved almost scaring us out of even bidding on this lovely home. Thank you.

I always recommend budgeting $1500 to $2000 per year for maintenance on a 1500 sq ft house. You should take a hammer and walk around the house and inspect for rotten logs by taping on the logs. You will notice the difference in sound when you find a bad log. Bottom corners of windows and doors, decks or where the logs are close to the ground where the water has been splashing up on the logs,or corners are all suspect areas for log rot.

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