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We have a log cabin in the woods in Western WI. We are only there on weekends usually, and not much in the winter. Our problem is something is either scratching or chewing / eating on the wood. Mostly on the front where there is a porch. They don’t touch the porch, just the cabin. Around the doorframe is the worst, but it’s everywhere. Top of the wall, bottom of the wall, around windows. Everywhere. We think it’s either squirrels or raccoons. There are a lot of both in area. We’ve

It could also be porcupines. They love to chew on wood. Being that it is up high it probably is squirrels. You can try spraying a repellent like ”Repell” but it really stinks and not easy to be around. You could set a live trap, but you would need to be there. Lead poisoning works too!

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