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Putting on new rounded milled pine siding in KY woods. If I use Shell Guard first, should it be applied to both sides of the wood, or just outside? Is there a sealer with a built-in insecticide and mildecide? What tips do you have to maximize the time between reapplications of the sealer? And how can I tell when to reseal?

Borating on both sides would not hurt. All of the good quality stains will have a mildicide in them. You can add an insecticide, but it needs to go in the very last coat that is applied to be effective. If you keep up on the manufactures recommendations for maintenance you will avoid a lot ofcostly problems. Just be sure to use a good quality log home stain like Perma Chink’s Life Line Ultra 2. Call Timeless Wood Care Products for help at 800-564-2987.

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