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We moved into our log home in December 2005, it’s ten years old. We have exposed timber rafters and the interior walls are the pine logs themselves. My question involves the splitting that I see on the logs and timbers on the interior of the home. There were many splits and cracks when we first viewed the home and we thought they were quant and added character but recently we have seen new ones. I have also heard the logs snap during the night during cold spells especially when we had a fire go

This cracking (splitting) is natural in the beams. You normally do not have to worry about it. If you areconcerned call a structural engineer and get his opinion. The snapping, popping noise you here is the logs expanding and contracting due to the heat change from the fireplace. Log homes are constantly moving. This is why you should inspect all caulking/chinking annually to look for breaks from this movement.

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