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We built a small log cabin (Red Pine) last summer (2005). We would like to clean up the logs to brighten up the wood and stain/ seal it this summer. Questions: 1) How would you recommend that the logs be cleaned before staining (power wash, bleach & water, both)? 2) How long should we wait after cleaning the logs before we stain?3) Any thoughts or ideas on what kind or type of stain or sealer to use as this will be the first time these logs have been treated? Also, do you recommend that

First, you should NEVER power wash a log home. It drives the water so deep into the wood fiber that it will not dry out properly sealing the moisture in when you stain. You should try washing it with TSP and warm water. You can add a little bleach (1cup to 5 gallons of water) to help kill any mold spores on the wood surface. Rinse with a fine mist.You should wait a least a week for it to dry out before staining.

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