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We have an older log cabin that we use as our hunting lodge. It was actually a Civil War slave cabin from a plantation that was disassembled and reassembled on another site. The logs are quite old as one would suspect, however, in great shape. Our concern is how to clean/restore the interior. The logs have ”greyed” over the many years. When the cabin was reassembled, proper chinking was not used. Is it possible to sand/media blast the interior? Would you then seal the interor of the logs? It see

I would use corn cob media instead of sand. If the logs are round you may just want to sand them. It will save some time since you probably will have to sand after blasting to get a nice finish for the interior, and then apply your finish. You want a smooth finish on the interior so that you can wipe the logs down periodically to help keep the dust off from them.

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