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I built my Heritage home about 11 years ago. I have 8” round pine logs. Within the last 2 years I have been noticing very small 1/4 inch or less, bee/wasp looking critters( some black, some black and yellow) coming in and out of small very rounded holes, I see frass in some cases on my deck. My exterminator is clueless. I have found they look like Horned tailed wasps, which they say can bore into wood, cause no structural damage but the holes are unsightly. 4 years ago I power washed the logs an

The best way is going to be to strip the finish off the logs and apply a good borate treatment. Shell Guard is a good choice since it is a glycol based product that dries slowly allowing it to soak into the wood deeper. You should wait at least 2 weeks in good weather before appling any sort of finish. This product stops any wood digesting insects.

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