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Dear Sir, We have an all log home, sweedish cope, situated in the Rocky Mountains of Utah. We visit this cabin maybe once a month. My question is: why do we have so many flies and moths and beetles? I have to sweep the entire cabin everytime we come. Do you know how they are getting in and what we can do to help with this problem? Thank you so much for any kind of information. Ruth Taillac

Insects do find there way into home threw the smallest cracks. Starting at the roof. The boards haveT and Gs. Using a small dowel about 1/4 inch take fiberglass insulation and fill all of the openings at roof and boards. Also the ridge pole.Then chink them after. Corner notches should be stuffed with fiberglass using thin piece of metal 1/8 inch thickX 1/2 wide. Fill them untill they get tuff to get anymore into them. Window and door trim should be removed and again stuff insulation into all openings and calk afterwards.

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