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HI, I live in a Lindahl Red Cedar home that was built in 1987 that is out in the woods. The original owner painted the outside. We bought the house in 1997 Some of the interior walls are showing some water stain on them what should I use? Our 8 panel doors are looking dry also want to know if there is product to put on them or if they need to be stained. all of the ceilings still look great. Appreciate your help. Monica KenneyTolson

You will not get the water stains out of the wood without sanding, and then it may to take them all out, or you will have to sand so deep that it is not practical. Also, you will probably have to sand the entire wall that you working on or it will be hard to match.

Try washing the walls with a hot water and TSP per the label. You can buy TSP at any hardware or paint store. Just make sure that you get true TSP and not the non-phosphate type.

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