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My new log cabin sat without stain for 10 months and then the somewhat weathered and darkened logs were sprayed with a bleach/water mix and left to sit for a few hours. The logs were looking very nice and clean and white and then, just a few hours after bleaching the cabin was stained with a clear linseed oil based product. The logs now have black spots and splotches. How can I get rid of the black splotches if it has just been stained. Need help much because I want the logs to be light and

Never use bleach on wood. Your stain can fail prematurely because of a lack of a good bond to the wood fiber due to the bleach. The logs were not allowed to dry log enough before staining, at least a couple of days if they were not power washed. If they were power washed they should be allowed to dry for at least 2 weeks, 4 is better. The black you are seeing is the moisture coming to the surface and is trapped by the stain and causing black mold to grow. Linseed oil is a food for black mold, plan on it getting worse unless you completely strip the house and start over.

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