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I have a 40 year old cabin in Denver Colorado that hasn’t seen much maintenance (there are some traces of a previous coating, maybe paint). It is gray, but the logs are good and solid (6” D logs with cement chinking). My first question is, does it hurt to just leave the exterior the way it is? It hasn’t degenerated much in the last 20 years, does it hurt to leave it another 10-20 years without refinishing? If I do decide to do freshen it up, what would you recommend? Is corn cob blasting

You could leave it, but I would recommend apply a good coat of Shell Guard Concentrate borate. You may also want to consider replacing the mortar chinking with Energy Seal caulk. Do not use chinking on this style of log.

Yes, if you do strip it it will need to be corn cob blasted, Osborne brushed, borate treated and then a good quality latex stain and topcoat applied. I prefer LifeLIne from Perma Chink. Call 800-564-2987 for the Shell Guard for starters.

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