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White blush on a couple of large exterior knots after cleaning.

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We have a Southland Log Home built in ’96. 8″x12″ kiln dried tongue and groove logs with a “chinking cut” (decorative) that had never been filled. Used Energy Seal caulk and backer rod to seal all the seams between the logs. Then used a TSP/bleach mix, brush and water hose to clean the logs prior to staining. As the walls dried, I noticed that just a couple of large knots had a whitish blush around them. Is this something to worry about? I’m also going to be using a wood brightener on some areas that were really grey (log siding on dormers close to the roof), and when I finish all that, I’m going to check the pH of the rinse water coming off the logs to make sure I got all the bleach/TSP off. I’m wondering if there’s a reaction with the knots and the mix? Maybe I didn’t rinse there enough? Any thoughts? Thank you!

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There is a good chance that this is Resin Bleed.  Resin Bleed can be impossible to get rid of.  It’s basically the resin inside the log oozing out and generally, during the warmer months, it will continue to “bleed” out of the log.  Here are some photos of an example of resin bleed.

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