We have a Southland Log Home built in ’96. 8″x12″ kiln dried tongue and groove logs with a “chinking cut” (decorative) that had never been filled. Used Energy Seal caulk and backer rod to seal all the seams between the logs. Then used a TSP/bleach mix, brush and water hose to clean the logs prior to staining. As the walls dried, I noticed that just a couple of large knots had a whitish blush around them. Is this something to worry about? I’m also going to be using a wood brightener on some areas that were really grey (log siding on dormers close to the roof), and when I finish all that, I’m going to check the pH of the rinse water coming off the logs to make sure I got all the bleach/TSP off. I’m wondering if there’s a reaction with the knots and the mix? Maybe I didn’t rinse there enough? Any thoughts? Thank you!

Log Doctor Changed status to publish September 8, 2021