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How to Choose the Right Log Home Contractor for Repairs

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So you are looking for a log home contractor to repair your log home. You have a budget and a deadline. 

The next step is to choose a log home contractor. 

But you don’t want just any contractor; you want someone reliable and efficient. A good contractor ensures the best quality in terms of service, pricing, workmanship and technique. 

After all, you are investing a big chunk of money into log home repairs. If you don’t choose your contractor carefully, you could be left disappointed and confused with the process. 

But the market is teemed with too many contractors, making it overwhelming for you to find the right one. 

Don’t worry!

Here are some ways to choose the right log home repair contractor. 

How to Find Contractors:

Since log home repair is such a specialized field, it’s best to start your search online. If you do happen to know someone with a log home, you could also ask for their recommendations. 

Make Phone Calls to Them:

Once you create a list, make a quick call to each of them and ask these questions. 

• Can they take on projects of your size?

• Do do they have experience with the work you need done?

• Will they work in your area?

• Can they provide you the references of previous clients?

•  Ask for proof of insurance.

Their answers will say a lot about their availability, reliability, and how much focus they will be able to give your project. 

Meet them In-Person if Possible:

Based on your interactions with them over the phone, shortlist two or three contractors to meet for further discussion. Some companies will work by coming out to do an assessment before starting the work while others may provide you an assessment over the phone based on photos and detailed phone calls. It really depends on the location of the company and the amount of travel required to get to your job site.

Ask for references:

Now that you have picked your potential log home contractors, it is time to put your research to work.  

It all starts from calling up their former clients to know how their project went. And a good log contractor shouldn’t have any problem sharing the contact of their past clients. 

Asking for a minimum of 3 references is a must. While no contractor is likely to provide a reference of an unhappy client, they are still worth our time to get. 

Ask to see one project the contractor has worked on. Keep in mind that just because the previous client was satisfied with the contractor and his work, it might not be up to your standards. Therefore, ask for references for a few more homes repaired by the contractor.

Are They Honest?

Considering integrity is also an important factor while choosing a log home repair contractor. A contractor might have completed hundreds of projects, has many references to show you, a great warranty, an attractive brochure, and a reasonable quote. But there is no use of these selling points if they lack honesty or integrity. How to tell if your contractor is honest?

While interacting with them, make sure to observe the following things—

• Do they speak ill of their competitors?

• Do they badmouth their past clients?

• Do they blame others or make excuses to hide the failures of their past project?

• Do they make promises that are too good to be true? 

These are the red flags that may require further evaluation. 

Research Their Experience:

The experience of the contractor says a lot about his expertise. If a certain log home repair contractor has been in the business for decades and has consistently performed throughout this period, you can be assured that they can offer high-quality service. Not just that, a seasoned contractor will be familiar with the ins and outs of the industry, the material, and the technique. 

Take it in Writing:

Create a contract that outlines every step of the project: payment schedule; liability and worker’s compensation proof; a start date and completion date; specific products and materials required; and other conditions. Asking for a clear contract is not about mistrust or insecurity. Rather, it is about ensuring the success of a project. Most reputable companies will have their own contracts that they require to protect them and the homeowner and to set clear expectations for the project. 

Will They Stand by Their Work:

Make sure to select a company who will stand by their work. Typically, a company with a lot of experience and a reputation to uphold will have no problem admitting fault and correcting any issues that arise. It must be said, that logs rot for a specific reason, usually too much water. If the original problem isn’t corrected by the homeowner then the same issue could happen again. So it’s also important to take personal responsibility to fix any issues that created the rot in the first place. 

Price Estimate:

Price is an important factor to consider. By having a look at the price quotes of your shortlisted contractors, you can find out what you are paying for. However, there are other things to pay attention to. 

First of all, make sure to check the quotes presented by your potential contractors. Looking for an affordable package doesn’t mean that you choose the cheapest one. This is because the contractor might be cutting corners to give you the lowest quote possible. Don’t settle for the priciest quote either. Look for the number that is closer to the average of all the estimates. Make sure to ask if the estimate includes any hidden charges. 

Wrapping Up…

These simple tips will help you choose a log home repair contractor who is reliable, efficient, and will deliver results that not just meets your vision but turns out to be an asset that will enhance your investment for the years to come.

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