Bought my first house in Upper Michigan, just like all the other homes in this area, it is a 100 year old fixer upper, though this one is a bit unique.

The room next to the living room had some Lath and plaster was in pretty bad shape + one wall that was a crappy drywall job from the previous owner, so I tore it out. after doing so, I learned I actually bought an log cabin. Turns out, the main structure was originally a log cabin built no latter than 1900, where various additions were put on throughout the first part of the 20th Century.

Ideally for this room, I would like to put drywall up on the walls, and a tongue and groove wood ceiling.

My main question is what would be the best way of going about doing the drywall so I can have the best insulation possible, but don’t accidentally do something that Rots out the logs?

some possible options would be drywalling over the furring strips, and putting a layer of plastic sheeting/vapo barrier between the drywall and logs, though some have said this will cause condensation build up on the logs and rot them out.

another option would be replacing the verticals furring strips with 2×4 so I have additional room for insulation and either installing 2” blue board styrofoam boards between the 2×4 for insulation, or doing spray foam between the 2×4. I would probably prefer the styrofoam blue board as it can be easily removed, and I’m not sure the spray foam is any good for the logs.

Any opinions about these options?

PS: the siding on the house is old wood horizontal paneling, at I thought about doing vinyl siding, but many people have also stated that will write out the logs. We have to look into sandblasting and re-painting the wood siding.

Log Doctor Changed status to publish March 14, 2024