Hey Log Doc!

My log home was initially built in 2008, it was only partially stained and the rest was covered in sun damage. When I purchased in 2015 I painstakingly sanded the entire exterior down to it’s gorgeous natural pine. Stained with Woodguard and following their guidelines applied a second coat in 2017. Problem is the whole house looks dull to me, like a faded powdery effect rather than oil finished wood. I reached out to Woodguard with some photos but they saw nothing wrong, or maybe didn’t want to acknowledge a product flaw? Feels like it needs some type of topcoat or finish, although, I’m pretty sure you don’t topcoat exterior oil stained logs. I’d love a nonbiased opinion, how do these logs look to you, knowing they were sanded to “new” with 1st and 2nd coats all within 6 years.

They’re also “dusty.” If I rub a spot with paper towel it makes a bare spot, not down to wood but noticeable. And the paper towel is covered in the brown stain color.


Log Doctor Changed status to publish September 8, 2021