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If I get a wood burning insert for my log home, and I don't humidify the air, will it warp the logs on the inside of the house?
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I have a Panabode log home built in 1975. I am doing an addition to the house and want siding to match. I called Panabode and they offer siding...
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We have a half log sided home.As the logs age the knot holes are falling out.Should they be caulked and with what?
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In my living room, I am going to tie the opposite walls together using log poles on top of the walls. Whats the best way to anchor these poles....
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Will corn blasting our log cabin damage the chinking between the logs?
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I have a home that has 1/2 log siding on it with large gaps between the logs andywhere from 1/4 to 3/4 thick and 4'' deep what should i...
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I just cut and debarked some tamarack trees for a railing do you see any reason why I cant let it sit for the summer and then put it...
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Will cornblasting our logs damage our steel roof and steel clad window frames??
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We just bought a house with log siding on it last year. It is already stained a few years ago. Do I need to buy a stain to put...
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i have a log home wants to put foam on the outside and install vinyl siding some people say airspace , whats the best way to go about this?
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Pine log siding oozing pitch. One board is almost entirely white. What is the best way to get it off? Home is 4 yrs old with Sikkens 3 step...
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I have a half log home that was newly stain about 5 yrs. ago, I need to wash and put on a maintenance coat on. What would you recommend...
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how to install 2x8 lap log siding on interior walls
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Can chinking be used with Hardy Plank to give the appearance of Log Home? Plan to use under the front porch only.
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Have half log siding it has been about 4-5yrs it first stain, I need clean it and put some kind maintenance sealer on,. What do you recommend for cleaning...
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My first floor is real log and the second floor is log siding. Where the 2 connect, there is some water coming into the cabin. The original calk has...
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i have a log cabin and part of a log is rotting due to the back splash of water. i need someone to fix this and then stain entire...
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Does ''Ryan'' know anyone in the southern Ohio area who does log home repair?? We have many rotten logs that need repaired/replaced. Thanks
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i have a large std of jack pine-i am thinking of cutting ea log in half and cure for 1 yr-then build a cabin out of theses 1/2 logs-with...
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