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our log home is 30 years old. we are in need of repair on inside of a log where our dog gnawed a large hole in it. how can...
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What is the best wood protection for the interior and exterior? And the best crack fillers?
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I want to remove my upper kitchen cabinets but if I do the log walls underneath will be much lighter in color. Is there something I can do or...
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I live in the Cincinnati/Dayton, OH area and own a 3 y/o log home. We need to restain, but one side of the house is peeling badly and starting...
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I have a Neville Log Cabin that is 24 X 32. 964 Square feet. I put a full basement under the cabin when we built it in 2001. Is...
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I have just bought a log home that needs to be disassembled. What is the Best way to get the stake (nails) out of the wood?
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I'm going to be retaining a log cabin the person that did it 2 years ago used one step outlast the medium reddish brown it didn't hold well and...
Which is better in a northern climate cedar or birch railings?
What stain do you recommend for a cypress log home built in 2002 and stained with oil finish about 2005? The finish is quite dry by now
I recently bought montana log siding and my nails and screws r splitting the wood what size do i use
Is it ok to apply spar varnish to interior walls of a white pine log home.
We build log homes but I still haven't found a good way to re-stain logs without discoloring the chinking. We've been cutting in with a brush and it takes...
How can I ''paint'' over stained wood Thanks
I have a mobile home 25 years old, I am getting a large amount of white dust from everything, I assume is from this white ceiling, I have 2...
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I just made a rocking chair out of logs. I want to leave it natural looking. What can I use to preserve that look with a nice gross shine.
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What is the best way to removed mold from the logs on the inside of a log home. Is a bleach solution a good approach.
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I have alot of cedar trees on my property and recently cut a few down for a log bed. after stripping the bark,(very easily removed)a week or so later...
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i live in nc. I've noticed several exterior log homes being painted with a type of liquid that makes the logs look like plastic. Do you know anything about...
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I am finding a lot of great content on this website. Thank you! My question is this. How do I keep my logs from rotting in the future?
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Hi! When I bought my home in 1991 there was a bow in the wall. The sweet, elderly lady who sold me the home that had been in her...