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We have purchased some log cabins that currently have perma-chink on them and would like to cover the perma-chink with another material that doesn’t need the maintenance that the perma-chink requires. Also, the perma-chink shrinks and pulls away and doesn’t provide much in the way of insulation. It can easily be damaged even with people’s fingers being pushed into it. We thought of using some kind of material and adhering it with a contractor’s glue then caulking around it. Do you have an

It sounds like the logs were not dried properly when the chink was applied. As they dry they will pull from the chink. Perma Chink is your best bet for keeping it sealed for insulating purposes when applied properly. It takes several weeks before it cures completely and cannot leave finger marks. Also , if improper backing material was used, it could cause problems. If you are that dissatisfied you should call perma chink.

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