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Log home repair
Log Home Repair 725 Questions
Are the extended ends of the logs functional or just decorative? I've seen some homes without the log extensions - just flush.
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Hi, my fiance and I are purchasing a log cabin in Wautoma Wisconsin on Silver Lake. There are areas where the logs have rotted. I would like to have...
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Who do you recommend for log siding replacement in the Joplin Missouri area? I have some rot issues with some of the logs on my home. Not bad, but...
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My husband and I bought a 2-story log home (circa 1840's) 2 years ago. Previous owners covered the logs inside and out. When we uncovered the logs inside, we...
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We recently purchased a log home that has not been finished inside. Before the logs were caulked, it had rained in and there are now water stains on some...
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